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Yearly “The Law Messenger” is the first law journal in Bangladesh which specifically publishes law decisions of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan only. You will find here different kind of research based articles on various law topics. A significant feature is that the distinguished writers analyze judicial decisions, contemporary developments of law, legislation and current law reform.
The important feature of the journal is Biography of renowned person in the legal field. “The Law Messenger” has the efficient team of advisors and experienced team of editor and reporters. All judgments and articles are subjected to a rigorous editorial process in order to strengthen substance, polish tone and ensure citation and also will be helpful Bench and Bar.
We are thankful to the Authority of website of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. We beg apology for the errors of “The Law Messenger” citation journal and also shall be waiting for advice and suggestion from the readers to modify and upgrade “The Law Messenger”.
Thank you sincerely for reading “The Law Messenger”.

Md. Bodrul Islam,  Advocate-on-Record of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Former 'Research & Reference Officer’ of Appellate Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh. E-mail: adv.bodrulislam.sc@gmail.com
Zulfikar Khan Nasir,  Advocate, Former Addl; Distt; & Sessions Judge at Lahore High Court, Pakistan. Email: younglegaleagles@gmail.com
Dipty Sharma,  Advocate, High Court of New Delhi & Supreme Court of India. Email: dipty_sharma2010@rediffmail.com
M. Miraz Rana,  Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Email: mirazrana@gmail.com
Mustasim Tanzir,  Barrister-at-Law, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Email: mustasim.tanzir@gmail.com
Md. Mynuddin Islam,  LL.B & LL.M. Email: lawmessenger.bd@gmail.com
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